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Vagator Beach GoaGoa: Goa became a composite Union Territory along with Daman & Diu on December 19, 1961. Before that it was under the Portuguese rule, who arrived in Goa in 1510. It became an independent State on May 30, 1987. Goa's history stretches back to the 3rd Century BC when it formed part of the Mauryan Empire. The Satvahanas & Chalukyas ruled the region over different periods.
Goa Beach (Panaji)Area: 3, 702
Capital : Panaji
Population : 1.2
Language : Konkani, Marathi, Hindi
Art : Bamboo works, pottery, metal work are some of the crafts for which Goa is famous. Lacquer work, fabric work are some other craft works.
Industry : Farming, fishing, tourism & iron-ore mining form the basis of the economy.

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